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You always want to be looking for credible info when it comes to the way you eat because no matter how hard you work in the gym, it's the way you eat that allows the results of your time in the gym to be visible. And you'll be surprised at how you can be thinking you're eating well and / or clean and still be eating too much or not enough.

It's not rocket science, but there is some science involved and it's good to be aware of it.

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MyFitness Pal - 11/21/2012
Topic(s): Diet
Scriptures: Proverbs 10:4; 13:11;24:33-34 25:28

I like to think I eat pretty clean and, with the exception of my, "free day" on Friday, I do pretty good.

Still, there is room for improvement and it's sometimes exasperating when you feel like...

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When's the Best Time to Exercise to Burn Fat? - 11/25/2012
Topic(s): Diet
Scriptures: Proverbs 23:2

Losing weight isn't rocket science, but it is a science in that there is a fair amount of research that has been done as far as how the body reaches for the fuel it needs in order to function.

In other...

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Can Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight? - 01/01/2013
Topic(s): Diet
Scriptures: John 7:38

Can drinking water help you lose weight?



First, when you're feeling hungry and you know you should be limiting your intake of calories, drinking water helps to naturally curb your...

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Muscular Christianity - Live! - 12/28/2013
Topic(s): Current Events Diet and Exercise
Scriptures: Psalm 2:10-11, 144:15; Col 3:4; Gal 2:20; Acts 17:28; 2 Cor 9:8; Phil 2:13; Jn 15:5; Ecc 4:9-12, 7:16-18

A series of subjects delivered in the context of a radio broadcast.

You've got someone running sound, playing different songs that serve as buffers between sections. The sections themselves feature...

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