John Q. Hammons Hotels invites you to experience a free workout experience designed by a former Marine that you'll want to hang on to even after you get back to the house!

Choose either "1775," which is primarily calisthenics, or the "Devildog" workout, which has you using free weights, and enter your email address. You'll receive a link in your inbox that will give you access to a series of audio files that you'll import into your iTunes. Then just hit "play" and buckle up for an amazing workout!

IMPORTANT! You will need to be at your desktop computer in order to import the audio files into your iTunes application!

"1775" - military style calisthenics. Can be done either in the hotel gym or in your room. Click on the red arrow to the right to hear a sample of "Burpees!"
"Devildogs" - weight training session based on German Volume Training. You’ll get an amazing workout with no more than a couple sets of dumbells.
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