LCF LIVE! is a subscription based library of Loose Cannon Fitness workouts that will, not only give you access to the kind of workouts that help you realize your fitness goals, it will change the way you train!

You won't just get a list of workouts, you'll be able to search the database for routines that target a particular area of your body that you want to work on: Upper Body, Lower Body, Core etc. You'll also be able to sort by those programs that use weights and those that are based purely on calisthenics.

And of course, if you're familiar at all with "Loose Cannon Fitness," you know that these workouts don't cut you any slack. You're going to burn, you're going to build and you're going to train! And while having access to this library is great for bring able to have a "visual" in front of you, once you become familiar with the exercises, you can download and import the exercises into your iTunes and be able to do these workouts anywhere, anytime.

You ready?

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