Below you'll see a list off all the exercises that are currently in the "Loose Cannon" database. Keep coming back to see what's been added and feel free to contact, "Loose Cannon Fitness" should you have any suggestions as far as what kind of exercises you would like to see included in the, "Loose Cannon" library!

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80 - 20s I N LB
80% of your weight on your front foot, 20% on your back foot. Reach down, touch the floor and repeat! Beautiful!

Ammo Cans E Y CPD
This particular workout is a profound buttkicker! I can't even tell you why it taxes me that way that it does, but by the third lap, I'm spent.

Tempo is 132 and rest between exercise is minimal. I usually keep the weight right at 25-30 pounds, but that's what makes this so effective is that you can change the weight however you like.

Unlike other LCF resources, this track is a workout all by itself. Plan on going through it about 3 times to make it productive, but it's just one track rather than other workouts where you have a compilation of individual exercises.

Here's the exercises you'll be doing:

Lawn Mowers
Dippin' Hammers
Military Press
Shoulder Taps

Back and Forth I N LB
Designed to increase your capacity for explosive side to side movements - especially relevant for athletes needing that extra edge when it's time to lead off your base or cover your man. Otherwise, it's just a great exercise for your lower body!

Bench Press / Rocking Chairs E Y UB
You're doing Bench Press first, but pay attention to the fact that you're alternating between a double time pace and a half time pace. That will shred your pecs when you do it right. And by the time you're supposed to be doing Rocking Chairs, your chest will be gasping for breath!

Bent Over / Upright Rows I Y UB
Start off doing Bent Over Rows then segue into Upright Rows. Same muscle, but from a different angle. Quality!

Bicycles I N LB
Old favorite. Quality groove! Sweet little abdominal exercise! Go get it!

Bosarge's E N C
I don't care who you are! This will wear you out! You're doing 8 counts of touching the chair with your feet and the two Squat Thrusts. That will do some delicious damage!

Burpees I Y CPD
One of the best and worst exercises on the planet! Burpees!

Calf Raises I N LB
The first part of the exercise will tax both your calves and your quads. Then when you get on the chair anything that has yet to be shredded will at that point be sliced and diced!

Cheerleaders / Teapots / Goblets E Y UB
Your Deltoids will be the ones to start complaining, then your lats and then, just when your abs were thinking that there were going to be able to relax, you hit them with Goblets.


Cherry Pickers I N LB
Cherry Pickers! A classic and for good reason! Keep those feet off the deck and feel the burn!

Chinese Jumping Jacks I N LB
Sometimes this exercise is done as part of a Jumping Jack drill. Check that out at some point! You think it's hard in this context...

Chorus Line I N LB
The secret here is to get your legs up. And as challenging as it may appear from the standpoint of your legs, your core will be aching as well! Smell that? That's the smell of good training!

Crouchin' Tigers I Y CPD
This one is a challenge. Keeping your center of gravity stable while hoisting those weights over your head forces your muscles to work in ways that go beyond your basic military press!

Culunge's, Squats, Military Press, Calve Raises, Rows, Grahams E Y C
While this is the starting exercise, it's hardly the "shallow end of the pool." Good night! Depending on how heavy you go, this will definitely wake you up in the morning!

Decline Pushups E N UB
You can "edit" this exercise a little bit by adjusting how wide you spread your arms. Just a thought...

Devildogs - Bench Press I Y Chest
Bench Press the same weight 10 repetitions, 10 times.

Devildogs - Military Press I Y SLDRs
Lifting the weight directly over your head and back down at the pace dictated by the track. 10 reps - 10 times!

Devildogs - Pullups I Y UB
One of the best exercises to develop upper body strength. This will knock you out, friend! 100 pullups, 10 at a time!

Devildogs - Row I Y Lats
Just like starting your lawn mower - only doing it 100 times!

Devildogs - Squat I Y Quads
Remember to go down all the way. 10 reps, 10 times - feel those legs start to quiver!

Devildogs - Tricep Extension I Y TRIs
Lay down on your back, preferably on a bench so you've got room behind your head. Lift the weight (either barbell or dumbell) directly over your head, keep your elbows stationary and bring the weight back behind your head. Bring it back up - that's one!

Dewannas I N LB
This particular exercise has you engaging multiple muscle groups. You're kickin', punchin' while doing some deep squats on top of all that.

Let's do this!

Dip and Switch (10 Reps) I N LB
Make sure you're bending at the knees and not at the waist on this one. Do it right, stay with the pace and you've got one quality exercise!

Dip and Switch (25 Reps) E N LB
Make sure you're bending at the knees and not at the waist on this one. Do it right, stay with the pace and you've got one quality exercise! This is just like the 10 rep version, only this one you're doing a full 25 repetitions!

Dipppin' Hammers I Y CPD
A great exercise for your biceps, your quads and everything in between!

Dips E N UB
Try elevating your legs, then lifting one leg up, then the other. Feel free to incorporate some of those dynamics to make this delicious round of pain even more tasty!

Flamingos E N LB
The demonstration is "sufficient," but you can make this into an excruciating exercise by going down further. Food for thought...!

Flies E Y UB
Lock those elbows as much as possible and feel that burn!

Flutter Kicks E N LB
An oldie but a goodie. I'm holding my left arm out to the side in this demo because I had surgery on it a couple of weeks prior to our making these videos. It serves a purpose, however, in that any of these exercises that have you positioning your hands under your butt can be made more challenging by putting them to your side. Food for thought...

Four - Four E N LB
You're doing a jab, a cross and then two kicks. Maintain the tempo that you're hearing and look! You're sweating profusely!

Gorillas I N LB
"Gorillas" - a very apt name once you see yourself in the mirror jumping around like a primate. But make no mistake, it's loaded with pain! Good training!

Grahams I N Abs
Stay with the pace, keep those legs straight, point those toes and feel the burn, baby!

Grahams (25 Reps) | Expert E N LB
Stay with the pace, keep those legs straight, point those toes and feel the burn, baby! And this version has you doing 25 deliciously miserable repetitions! Bring it!

Hand to Knee I N LB
You wouldn't think this would be that difficult, but when done right, this will take the wind out of your sails!

Buckle up!

Humming Birds E N LB
A familiar exercise but at a pretty decent clip! Buckle up!

In's and Out's (25 Reps) E N LB
A great exercise! Try to keep your feet about six inches off the deck. That will make this exercise even more profitable!

Ins and Outs (10 Reps) I N Abs
This is a great exercise to build those abs, especially with the, "Loose Cannon" approach by having to stay with a prescribed tempo!

Get some!

Iron Mikes I N UB
The "Iron Mike" isn't a complicated exercise, but it's a butt - kicker! This is the intermediate version.

Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut I N UB
Make sure that when you punch, you're putting your hip into it and really snapping those arms / fists. If your'e doing it right, you'll feel it!

Jumping Jack Drill E N LB
What makes this tough is the length of time you're asked to keep it up! Remember, when you get to the "Squat Jacks" portion, your shoulders don't move. You'll know you're doing it right when your quads are begging for some relief!

Jumping Jack Pushups I N UB
A phenomenal combination of "Jumping Jacks" and "Push Ups!" I'm glad my Drill Instructor hadn't heard of these when he was looking for creative ways to discipline Platoon 3051!

Karaoke I N LB
Like "Twister" without the spinner! Move those legs, stay with the cadence and develop some speed and agility!

Knee to Chest E N LB
Keep your hands by your side and bring those knees all the way up to your chest. Smell that? That's the aroma of good training!

Leg Lifts E N LB
Do your best to keep you legs straight and stay with the pace!

Locomotives I LB
Get that knee all the way up to your elbow. Keep you gut tight and enjoy the ride!

Marching Pushups I N UB
A quality combination of Mountain Climbers and Pushups. Listen close to hear the cadence and buckle up!

Mountain Climbers I N LB
You're taxing most of your major muscle groups with this one. A real common exercise in Boot Camp. Go get it!

Pushup Drill E N UB
A solid three minutes of Pushups done on your hands and knees. Don't think it's easy. I was introduced to this in place of a "speed bag." Start off with Diamonds, then go to your arms being shoulder width apart, then go to Wide Grip! Yessir!

Pushups (10 reps) I N UB
You can't beat the classics, although the, "Loose Cannon" approach in this instance adds a new dynamic to an old favorite. Buckle up! This one's good!

Pushups (25 reps) E N UB
Can't argue with success! This is a true classic!

Reverse Crunches I N LB
A great way to work your abs without taxing your lower back!

Rocking Chairs I N LB
Just concentrate on bringing your heels to your butt and you've got it!

Round Kicks I N LB
Unlike a Side Kick where you're bringing your foot up and kicking straight at your target, here you're bringing your knee up then bringing your foot around some you're coming at your target from the side.

Russian Situps E N LB
Keep your legs flat on the floor and make those abs work! Rock on!

Side Kicks I N LB
The higher you kick, the harder it is. The thing you want to maintain is the pace. However high you can go, great! But don't start cheating on your speed or your form. Buckle up!

Single Leg Bulgarian Leg Squats / Reverse Crunches E Y LB
You're going to be ready to switch to Reverse Crunches after you do several Bulgarian Squats - just saying'!

Situp Drills E N LB
Three minutes never felt so long! Start off with Leg Lifts, then go to Bicycles then Rocking Chairs. Repeat! Remember, no cussing and no puking!

Sparring Burpees E N C
A combination of Burpees with some free sparring in the middle. A great exercise!

Sphinx Pushups E N UB
One of the hardest versions of a pushup you'll ever do!

Squats (25 reps) E N LB
This is harder than what it may appear to be, especially when you get into rep number 12 and 13. Mind you, you need to be going down all the way. If you're doing it correctly, you'll be glad this puppy is done once you've completed rep number 25!

You can do this with weights or without. Your choice!

Squats / Crouching Tigers E Y C
I don't care who you are, this will wear you out! Squats and Crouching Tigers! Buckle up!

St Louis Kicks I N LB
This was originally designed to be a part of a workout routine for students at a local Tae Kwon Do Academy. Designed to be a double edged sword in that you're building muscle, developing endurance, increasing your agility while simultaneously honing your skill as a martial artist.

Named after "Martial Arts Center of Excellence" located at Raider Hall in Quantico, Virginia, this workout will be both a challenge and a benefit to anyone who wants to give it a shot.

You'll probably use this one quite a bit. Getting that leg up can get pretty challenging after several repetitions.

Stacks Pushups E N UB
Just like conventional pushups, only you've got one leg "stacked" over the other. Downright challenging and a great exercise!

Super Skaters E N LB
Great exercise that works the lower body in a way that makes you say, "Buckle up!"

Tiger Abs E N UB
This ain't your typical situp, baby! Three sit ups in one deft move!

Trunk Twisters E N LB
Keep those legs straight, point those toes and look pretty! This is a ghastly exercise that you'll enjoy every minute of!

USMC Pushups I N UB
The "Loose Cannon" salute to the Devil Dogs! Marine Corps pushups! Ooo- Rah!

USMC Pushups (25 Reps) E N UB
The "Loose Cannon" salute to the Devil Dogs! Marine Corps pushups! Ooo- Rah!

Watching TV I N LB
It hurts the arms, but right about the time you're thinking, "Man, my arms are sore," your core starts sending your brain messages that it would really like some slack!