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Difficulty: Intermediate
Equipment: N
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This is an intermediate level workout plan that consists of eight exercises, so you'll want to plan on doing this at least twice in the context of one workout. It doesn't require any equipment, just a place to perspire. Go get 'em!
  1 Burpees
  2 Hand to Knee
  3 Marching Pushups
  4 Gorillas
  5 Jumping Jack Pushups
  6 Chorus Line
  7 USMC Pushups
  8 Iron Mikes
Name:Ammo Cans
Difficulty: E
Equipment: Y
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This particular workout is a profound buttkicker! I can't even tell you why it taxes me that way that it does, but by the third lap, I'm spent.

Tempo is 132 and rest between exercise is minimal. I usually keep the weight right at 25-30 pounds, but that's what makes this so effective is that you can change the weight however you like.

Unlike other LCF resources, this track is a workout all by itself. Plan on going through it about 3 times to make it productive, but it's just one track rather than other workouts where you have a compilation of individual exercises.

Here's the exercises you'll be doing:

Lawn Mowers
Dippin' Hammers
Military Press
Shoulder Taps
  1 Ammo Cans
Name:Captain Williams
Difficulty: Intermediate
Equipment: N
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Named after Ted Williams, who played baseball for the Boston Red Sox between 19391942 and again in 19461960. The interruptions in his baseball career were due to his having served as a US Marine Fighter pilot. This workout includes exercises designed to increase speed and agility as well as core and upper body strength. Great workout for baseball and softball players as well as anyone else interested in enhancing their athleticism and overall fitness level! Bring it!
  1 Pushups (10 reps)
  2 Grahams
  3 Dip and Switch (10 Reps)
  4 Marching Pushups
  5 Ins and Outs (10 Reps)
  6 Back and Forth
  7 Chorus Line
  8 Burpees
  9 Karaoke
Name:Daly Workout
Difficulty: E
Equipment: N
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Named after Sergeant Major Dan Daly, USMC, winner of two Medals of Honor. With this calisthenics routine, you're doing two exercises per body part where you would normally do just one.
  1 Pushups (25 reps)
  2 Mountain Climbers
  3 Rocking Chairs
  4 Leg Lifts
  5 Dip and Switch (25 Reps)
  6 Calf Raises
  7 USMC Pushups (25 Reps)
  8 Dips
  9 Cherry Pickers
  10 Bicycles
  11 Squats (25 reps)
  12 Burpees (25 reps)
  13 Pushup Drill
  14 Situp Drills
  15 Jumping Jack Drill
Difficulty: Intermediate
Equipment: Y
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Based on "German Volume Training, this has you lifting the same weight 10 times with approximately 15-20 seconds in between each set. And you do ten sets! That's 100 reps! You smell that? That's the aroma of some great training, right there!
  1 Devildogs - Bench Press
  2 Devildogs - Military Press
  3 Devildogs - Squat
  4 Devildogs - Tricep Extension
  5 Devildogs - Row
  6 Devildogs - Pullups
Name:Iron Mike
Difficulty: E
Equipment: Y
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This is a full body, double-barrels workout that uses weights. Rather than going heavy, you'll be using a lighter weight, but something that will make you work and result in a pump that's nothing short of outrageous.
  1 Culunge's, Squats, Military Press, Calve Raises, Rows, Grahams
  2 Bench Press / Rocking Chairs
  3 Squats / Crouching Tigers
  4 Cheerleaders / Teapots / Goblets
  5 Bent Over / Upright Rows
  6 Calf Raises
  7 Devildogs - Pullups
  8 Devildogs - Tricep Extension
Difficulty: I
Equipment: N
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Named after John Lejeune - one serious Marine! This is four cycles of calisthenics that target your core, your upper body and your lower body. Buckle up!
  1 Mountain Climbers
  2 Bicycles
  3 Super Skaters
  4 USMC Pushups (25 Reps)
  5 Rocking Chairs
  6 Burpees (25 reps)
  7 Dips
  8 In's and Out's (25 Reps)
  9 Flamingos
  10 Decline Pushups
  11 Grahams (25 Reps) | Expert
  12 Squats (25 reps)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Equipment: N
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Chesty Puller - winner of the Navy Cross five times. That's a Harcharger, right there! At one point he said, "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in battle." Here's a workout that will make you sweat! Bring it!
  1 Mountain Climbers
  2 Reverse Crunches
  3 Dip and Switch (25 Reps)
  4 Decline Pushups
  5 Leg Lifts
  6 Burpees (25 reps)
  7 Pushup Drill
  8 Trunk Twisters
  9 80 - 20s
  10 Bosarge's
  11 Flutter Kicks
  12 Dewannas
Name:Raider Hall
Difficulty: Intermediate
Equipment: N
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Raider Hall is a building located in Quantico, Virginia. It houses the "Martial Arts Center of Excellence" and was named "Raider Hall" to honor the Marine Corps Raiders that served during World War II.

This particular workout incorporates some familiar exercises, but it adds some sparring and some jump rope which represents a great cardio compliment.

Buckle up!
  1 Pushups (25 reps)
  2 Rocking Chairs
  3 Dip and Switch (25 Reps)
  4 Side Kicks
  5 Devildogs - Pullups
  6 Cheerleaders / Teapots / Goblets
  7 Burpees (25 reps)
  8 St Louis Kicks
  9 Decline Pushups
  10 Knee to Chest
  11 Squats (25 reps)
  12 Four - Four
  13 Dewannas
  14 Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut
  15 Sparring Burpees
  16 Round Kicks
Difficulty: I
Equipment: N
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I originally put this combination together in an effort to exercise without having to tax my chest and arms which were still reeling from a previous workout. It's actually part of a series. Upper body is called "Guns," Legs is called "Boots" and this one, obviously, is called "T-Shirts." This is nothing but abs, with the exception of the inevitable round of Burpees (last exercise / second set). After I did this, my core was just as sore as everything else. Good Training!
  1 Rocking Chairs
  2 Grahams (25 Reps) | Expert
  3 Humming Birds
  4 In's and Out's (25 Reps)
  5 Situp Drills
  6 Burpees (25 reps)
  7 Cherry Pickers
  8 Flutter Kicks
  9 Reverse Crunches
  10 Russian Situps
  11 Tiger Abs
  12 Watching TV
Name:The Henderson
Difficulty: E
Equipment: N
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Named after Archibald Henderson, the "grand old man of the Marine Corps," who served as Commandant from 1820 to 1859. 100 Burpees and over 200 pushups. Are you ready?
  1 Pushups (25 reps)
  2 Dips
  3 Burpees (25 reps)
  4 Rocking Chairs
  5 Knee to Chest
  6 Burpees (25 reps)
  7 Dip and Switch (25 Reps)
  8 Squats (25 reps)
  9 Burpees (25 reps)
  10 USMC Pushups (25 Reps)
  11 Watching TV
  12 Burpees (25 reps)
Name:The Pit
Difficulty: Expert
Equipment: Y
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Just outside every Squad Bay at Parris Island is an area that's strangely barren - as in no grass is growing. You find out pretty quick that this is the area where 70 or so Marine Corps recruits are frequently required to do a series of Pushups or Mountain Climbers in order to atone for something that wasn't done to the Drill Instructor's satisfaction. That's some delicious misery, right there.

This combines "1775" and "Devildogs." You've got weight training and calisthenics being done at a pace that in and of itself is a challenge. When you download this, you'll want to arrange it like this in your iTunes:

Devildog Bench Press
Hand to Knee

Devildog Military Press
Marching Pushups

Devildog Squats
Jumping Jack Pushups
Chorus Line

Devildog Rows
Marine Corps Pushups
Iron Mikes

Buckle up!
  1 Devildogs - Bench Press
  2 Burpees
  3 Hand to Knee
  4 Devildogs - Row
  5 Marching Pushups
  6 Gorillas
  7 Devildogs - Military Press
  8 Jumping Jack Pushups
  9 Chorus Line
  10 Devildogs - Squat
  11 USMC Pushups
  12 Iron Mikes