This page will guide you through the steps you'll need to take in order to download your LCF Resource. It's really very easy! You ready?

First of all...

How do I access my "Loose Cannon Fitness" resource?

If you're a guest of "Driftwood Hospitality," you can access your download by heading out to loosecannofitness.com/your email address. So, if your email is info@loosecannfitness.com, you'll go out to loosecannofitness.com/info@loosecannonfitness.com.

I've clicked on the download button, now what?

If you're on a PC...

1) Click on "Save File" (click on image in the upper right hand corner)

2) If you have iTunes installed on your computer, there's an excellent chance that your system will open up the file and display the tracks within your iTunes application. If not, your download has been routed to the "Downloads" folder which you can see in the screenshot directly to your right.

3) Double click on the zip file. It will open up and you'll see the "Devildogs" folder (In this instance it's "Devildogs." It's be the name of whatever product you downloaded / purchased). Double click on the "Devildogs" folder and you'll see your mp3 files.

4) At this point, all you need to do is add a playlist on your iTunes application and drag your files over into that new playlist. Click here to view Apple's tutorial on how to do that (it's real simple).

If you're on a Mac...

If you're on a Mac, it's even easier.

1) As soon as you enter your URL (loosecannonfitness.com/your email address) into your web browers's window, your resource will start to download.

2) Double click on the "download icon" in the upper right hand corner of your browser to reveal the contents of your "download" folder.

3) Grab it and drag it over to your desktop. See image to the right.

4) Double click on the folder you just dragged over to your desktop to reveal the mp3 files you just downloaded.

4) Now, just grab those files and drag them over to your iTunes in the new playlist you just made and you are good to go!