I don't see any DVDs! How are you supposed to do "Loose Cannon Fitness?"

What makes LCF different is that, apart from some brief video clips that demonstrate the exercises, it doesn't rely on on a DVD dynamic at all! Rather, it's something you engage through your iTunes. It's a series of audio tracks that guide you in the exercise you're doing, the pace of each exercise as well as the number of reps. It's a creative way to package accountability so there's no way you can avoid a great workout!

How come you don't sell your product through iTunes?

You can't offer discounts or freebies through iTunes.

How do you import the zip files that you get from the "Loose Cannon Fitness Store" into your iTunes?

Click here to view a brief tutorial that walks you through the process, both on your PC and on your Mac.

I've downloaded one of your products, but I don't see it anywhere on my computer.

Refer to the tutorial above and it will show you where those files are put if your computer doesn't open them automatically.

Do you offer any kind of help where one's diet is concerned?

I can show you what I did that resulted in a noticeable difference within 21 days. Click here to access a calendar that details everything I ate and how I exercised.

I need some help and these FAQs aren't helping me...

Email me at bruce@brucegust.com and I'll get you taken care of.